No need to have stock room employees scratching their heads while technicians wait for the right items, that revenue is lost.

Our customers have found that “off the shelf kits” for field installation, or repairs, help reduce pick time and stress on internal employees. Supply us with the BOM, and we can seamlessly integrate the parts into one item that is ready for your technicians when they are needed.  It saves time for your warehouse and stock room employees, and installation or repair technicians.  Items are already bagged and labeled, letting your employees move on to the next task knowing they have the right items picked and ready for the assignment.  When your technician is in the field, we supply confidence that they can get the job done right.

We have found over the years that expanding on what we already do well, is a safe and effective way to offer better service to our customers. We also offer managed inventory so they never drop below safety stock levels.

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