Our Priority is Quality

Choose Service Oriented Sales to reduce costs on custom metal fabrications, or electrical components. Our network of top tier suppliers are certified through aerospace and medical.  We work with tight tolerance fabrication that meets the strict production demands of our customers, and their customers. “Cheaper parts” are an easy promise any supplier can make. S.O. Sales insists on the highest quality. We guarantee 100% quality on every part we supply.

cost Cost Savings

Cost savings is the one major reason to outsource. Those cost savings can be lost by working with unknown suppliers.  S.O. Sales will help your company realize greater cost savings with our extensive knowledge of offshore suppliers, our network of contacts, and our negotiating experience.  Unexpected costs can occur in sourcing projects, and they surprise first times that venture on their own. By preventing problems, for example: avoiding unreliable suppliers, or ensuring the logistics are correctly structured, Service Oriented Sales will help your company realize higher savings.
S.O. Sales will coordinate all of the logistics. Time and money are saved getting your shipments from factory locations overseas to your dock.

responsiveness Responsiveness

S.O. Sales remains at your service to ensure all operations run smoothly, and will take swift corrective action when needed.  A key issue many smaller companies face in sourcing projects is communication problems.  Those problems can go beyond language and time-zone differences, and affect on-time delivery of the product. The ability to solve communication problems when they arise can be complicated. That’s where S.O. Sales an asset to your company. Our suppliers are accountable to delivery requirements. On-time delivery is tracked so the supply chain is aware of problems as soon as they arise and help minimize impact.

experience Experience

S.O. Sales has worked with manufacturers all over the US and the Far East, across various industries on a diversity of applications. We provide the experience of sourcing from facilities with the machinery, technology, and human skills needed for a successful off shore contracting arrangement. Our broad and deep sourcing experience is why our customers come back—they want the value we deliver, continuously.

Customer Testimonials

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