Forging is best suited to applications where tensile strength, ductility, impact and fracture toughness, and material fatigue, are important.
Forged parts are free from internal voids and porosity that may be found in cast parts. The main characteristic of a forged part is integrity of the part due to optimal grain flow. Other advantages include near net shape and require less secondary processes. Forged parts also generate very little scrap material.
This process is advantageous in any applications that involve safety issues including aerospace, automotive, valves, and fire suppression.
Disadvantages can be higher tooling cost, reduced tolerances, and higher piece price on low volumes.
Hot Forging sizes range up to 30Kg max for steel.  Max dia = 300mm x L 200mm Max
Cold Forging sizes ranges up to 3Kg max for steel, Max dia = 70mm x L 150mm Max
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