We here at Service Oriented Sales know that buyers are under constant pressure. Reducing cost of goods on the component level is just one way we help. Achieving those reductions can mean facing a slew of issues, including vendor sourcing, factory audits, company compatibility, and process controls. Those all take time and have costs that can make it prohibitive to go it alone.

Finding an overseas supplier on the Internet is easy.  Making sure they are a good supplier involves risk.  The logistics of getting parts to your dock can also be elaborate.  Given the complexity and uncertainty, the gamble to outsource may not be attractive.  Sourcing Opportunities removes that risk from the equation altogether.

Add versatility to your arsenal

Do you have a supplier who is not responsive, especially when there is a problem?  Replace that negligent supplier with S.O. Sales. We understand that every project has unique aspects, especially when it integrates with multiple manufacturers.

S.O. Sales provides:

  • One-stop sourcing — parts supplied with all secondary operations included
  • All logistics- from the shipper, through US customs direct to your dock
  • Quick securing of quotes
  • Sourcing from reliable vendors for custom parts and products
  • Factory audits to world class standards
  • Sourcing for any size volume products
  • Design for production review, for a more cost effective process
  • Ability and knowledge to drop ship any component to sub-contractors located around the globe.
  • Expediting. S.O. Sales works all night. The work day does not stop at 5pm. Suppliers and forwarders are available and you can rest easy knowing that you will have your answer first thing.

S.O. Sales understands that the manufacturing floor is looking for parts, and upper management is concerned about meeting quotas. There is nothing worse than not having the information you need, even if its not what management wants to hear. Buyers need to be able to show that they are in control of the situation. We make that happen. Problems are inevitable, how they are handled is our strength. Making you look good is our business.

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